Top 100 RRGs by Premium

This month’s special report is a ranking of the top 100 RRGs by gross written premium. Risk retention groups collectively saw the second largest premium increase on record in 2021 and there was significant movement in the rankings, particularly among Healthcare RRGs. See the top ten RRGs below.

Emergency Capital Management (Vermont), LLC RRG made its debut among the top ten largest RRGs in its first year after reactivation with $86.5 million in premium in 2021. The RRG was not active in 2020. Emergency Capital Management RRG was initially formed in 2012 by Michigan-based medical group—Emergency Physicians Medical Group (EPMG). EPMG was acquired by Envision Healthcare, one of the largest medical groups in the country, in 2016 and the RRG entered runoff. Envision reactivated Emergency Capital Management RRG in 2021 to provide coverage approximately 80% of its physicians (see March 2022 Risk Retention Reporter).

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