The Risk Retention Reporter

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The Risk Retention Reporter has been the authoritative news source for the risk retention industry since 1987.

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Annual subscription: 12 issues

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  • Electronic: PDF delivered via email (Electronic License Information provided below)
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  • Comprehensive coverage of industry news
  • The latest legislative, judicial and regulatory developments
  • Monitoring of more than 1000 RRGs and PGs
  • Articles by industry experts
  • In-depth articles on RRGs and PGs
  • Market surveys revealing industry trends by sector
  • In-depth articles on risk management for RRGs


  • Follow what your competitors are doing
  • Stay abreast of legislative and regulatory developments
  • Understand and exploit the competitive edge of RRGs and PGs
  • Track the industry sectors in which RRGs and PGs are growing
  • Look out for new market opportunities
  • Learn about best practices for RRG Boards

Risk Retention Reporter (RRR) Electronic License

This is a brief summary of our standard subscription license. Please refer to the license itself for all terms and conditions. In the event of a conflict, the license controls.

An Electronic License to the Risk Retention Reporter provides:

  • Monthly email delivery of a personalized .PDF file of the RRR edition to the licensed user’s desktop.
  • The ability to download and save a single electronic copy of each RRR edition, for the sole use of the licensed user.
  • The ability to print a single copy of the RRR edition for the licensed user’s personal use.

An Electronic License to the Risk Retention Reporter prohibits:

Re-distribution electronically, whether by

  • Forwarding via email
  • Posting to an intranet or the Internet
  • Or by other means, either in whole or in part.

Re-distribution on paper, whether by

  • Photocopying
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  • Or otherwise, either in whole or in part.

Violation of the terms of your license can lead to penalties under United States copyright law of up to $150,000 per edition infringed. To obtain amendments to your license, please contact the publisher in advance at 626.796.4972 or email [email protected]

Copyright Law Basics

Newsletter publishers are protected by the federal Copyright Act (17 U.S.C., Sec. 101 et seq.). As a member of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA), the Risk Retention Reporter is providing the following information developed by SIPA on what can and what cannot be reproduced from the Risk Retention Reporter under Copyright law. Please refer to your license agreement for all terms and conditions governing your use of the Risk Retention Reporter. In the event of a conflict, the license controls.

Subscription newsletters provide businesses and consumers with specialized, accurate and up-to-the-minute information and analysis of developments and trends in a particular niche. Unlike widely circulated newspapers and magazines, most newsletters eschew advertising in order to better maintain their editorial integrity, depending solely upon subscription sales for income. Each time a newsletter is photocopied or forwarded by e-mail, it cuts into the publisher’s profits. It is almost always against the law. Some publishers have resorted to law suits to protect their newsletter properties and have won six-figure settlements.

What you can do under Copyright law What you cannot do without prior licensing
  • Route the original print copy of the RRR to anyone in your office.
  • Copy, on an occasional basis, a single story or article from the RRR and send it to a colleague.
  • If you have purchased the RRR in electronic format, you are permitted to have one copy on a single computer at any time. Additional copies require a site license.
  • Make copies or forward e-mail copies of an entire issue of the RRR; cover-to-cover copying is always forbidden.
  • Routinely copy and distribute portions of the RRR.
  • Republish or repackage the contents of the RRR.
  • Post any part of the RRR on an intranet, network or in-house electronic database.
What to do if you need multiple copies of the Risk Retention Reporter
Please contact us at 626.796.4972 or [email protected] for information on volume discounts and site licenses.