About Us

Risk Retention Reporter (R.) is a specialty publisher of information for the risk retention and purchasing group industry. Since its founding in 1987, IC has operated from Pasadena, California, but it maintains a network of reporters across the country in Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. to keep a finger on the pulse of the risk retention industry.

The company’s flagship publication — the Risk Retention Reporter (RRR) — has been the authoritative journal for the risk retention marketplace since shortly after the enactment of the 1986 Liability Risk Retention Act (LRRA). Published monthly, the RRR monitors RRGs and PGs, and provides comprehensive industry news, the latest legislative and judicial developments, articles by industry experts and market surveys.

In addition to the flagship monthly newsletter, the company produces several other specialty publications including an annual Risk Retention Group Directory & Guide with in-depth profiles of all active RRGs and an index of more than 500 RRG service providers.

To serve the purchasing group market, the Purchasing Group Users’ Handbook provides everything needed to start a PG and run it, and is indispensable for anyone involved with regulatory compliance.

For unique questions and data needs,RRR provides Custom Data Services that leverage more than 20 years of historical data and industry surveys to provide custom reports for industry professionals needing market and regulatory information.

Key Staff

Karen Cutts, J.D.*
Founding Editor

James Cutts
Board Member

Christopher Diemel
Managing Editor & Publisher

Lee Gjertsen
Staff Writer

Melanie Maralit Diemel
Information Design Director

Patty Zuber
Account Manager

*Ms. Cutts was the Managing Editor of the RRR from April 1987 until her death in February 2010.