NRRA Launches NRRA-In-Vision
Content Development Initiative

The National Risk Retention Association (NRRA) has launched a new content development initiative—NRRA-In-Vision. The In-Vision platform will play a role in all NRRA content, from the annual NRRA conference to judicial and regulatory advocacy on behalf of the risk retention group and purchasing group industries. A key component of new the platform will be a series of NRRA-In-Vision webcasts on the RRG and PG industries.

While there are plans to make the NRRA-In-Vision webcasts a component of NRRA membership, the inaugural episodes will be available to the public free of charge. The early episodes of the In-Vision webcast will trace the history and evolution of the RRG and PG industries. These initial episodes will feature NRRA Executive Director Joe Deems as the host and Risk Retention Reporter Managing Editor Christopher Diemel. Diemel will provide historical context for each episode that will be elaborated on afterwards by a leader from the risk retention group industry.

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