NRRA Cancels February In-Person Conference, Moves Leaders Summit Virtual

The National Risk Retention Association (NRRA) has cancelled an in-person conference that was scheduled for February 2021, in Beverly Hills, California. NRRA plans on holding  an in-person conference in the Fall 2021.

 NRRA is moving its RRG Leaders Summit to a virtual platform with the summit being held from February 9-10, 2021. The Leader’s Summit is an invitation only event.

“NRRA’s RRG Leaders Summit is an invitation event that will explore the strategies for successful outcomes, creative benefits of the RRG structure, along with some of the typical regulatory and financial challenges. Learn how to benefit your members’ businesses or operations with greater efficiency. The Summit is an “off the record” forum for an invited group of NRRA member and non-member RRGs executives. The Summit provides the opportunity to meet with industry peers, build new connections and share ideas,” as per the NRRA website.

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