NRRA Chair Sullivan on the Leaders Summit and the RRG Industry

The NRRA Leaders Summit (The Summit) will be held on March 14 at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. The Summit is a one day conference tailored specifically to the leadership teams at risk retention groups.

The Risk Retention Reporter spoke with NRRA Chair Tim Sullivan on his priorities for NRRA in the coming years, what attendees to The Summit can expect, and how the future looks bright for risk retention groups. Sullivan—who serves as the Director of the Board of Directors at Recreation Risk Retention Group, Inc. and formerly served as the President and CEO of NAMIC Insurance Company—was appointed as the NRRA Chair after the 2022 NRRA Conference held in November 2022. Sullivan takes over for outgoing NRRA Chair and Aon Regional Managing Director— Americas Nancy Gray.

Risk Retention Reporter: Now that you’ve taken over as NRRA Chair, do you have any priorities or goals that you’d like NRRA to address?

Tim Sullivan: There are a couple of things I’d really like to see. This is difficult to do, but I’d like to focus on bringing younger people into NRRA and into the working groups. NRRA, it tends to be an older person group, in large part because the people who are running the RRGs, and many of the people at the captive management companies, are grayer haired like me than the me of 40 years ago. We need to find the young people in the industry and get them involved in NRRA.

And to that end we’ve engaged Sara Schroeder of Allied Professionals who is the new conference chair this year along with Andy Roderique of Imperial PFS—both of whom are younger professionals. They have a charge to actively scour the industry with the goal of building a younger and more diverse NRRA—more women, more minorities.

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