Navigating the Reinsurance Marketplace as an RRG: An Interview with Gulfstream Risk Advisors’ Bill Hodson

The insurance market remains hard which opens the door for new risk retention group formations as the world moves past the coronavirus pandemic. However, the pandemic, and a series of natural disasters, have disrupted the reinsurance industry which could potentially complicate the process of starting up a new risk retention group.

Effective reinsurance is one of the most important components of a new risk retention group’s business plan, as the new group is likely unable to keep all of the risk in the RRG.  The Risk Retention Reporter sent along questions to Gulfstream Risk Advisors, LLC Managing Member & Owner Bill Hodson to discuss steps new RRGs can take to obtain coverage that works for them and whether the pandemic and other disasters have complicated the process of or increased the cost of obtaining reinsurance coverage.

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