Historical Composition of RRGs by Business Sector

The emergence of the hard market, and the disruption of the long-term care industry by the coronavirus pandemic, will likely lead to increased risk retention group activity in the long-term care subsector of the Healthcare sector. Although there are currently 18 active risk retention groups serving the nursing home and long-term care business sector, the first of those groups didn’t form until 2003 when Caregivers United Liability Insurance Co., RRG; LTC Risk Retention Group, Inc. (a different group than the recently added LTC Insurance Company RRG, LLC); and PELICAN Ins. (A Reciprocal RRG) were all formed.

The composition of the risk retention group industry by business sector has shifted considerably over the years. The graphic on the following page provides a breakdown of RRGs by business sector at various inflection points. The data was pulled from the respective additions of the Risk Retention Group Directory & Guide which was first published in 1991 and profiles active risk retention groups each year.

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