Risk Retention Industry News Digest (Renewal)


The Risk Retention Industry News Digest focuses on information vital for RRG Boards, and is customized with the logo of the RRG or its management company.

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The reduced renewal prices are available only for the publication(s) to which a customer has previously subscribed, and whose subscription ran out within the past six months or less.

Electronic: PDF delivered via email (Electronic License Information provided below)


  • Covers legislative and regulatory developments, governance issues and industry trends
  • Features the RRG Board’s Best Practices — articles by industry professionals about effective board governance
  • Jargon-free articles focused on issues important to RRG members and Boards
  • Customized with your company’s logo and linked to your company’s website


  • Provides RRG Boards with vital information they need in order to carry out their responsibilities
  • Furnishes RRG members with knowledge of the broader RRG industry
  • Summarizes trends and new developments in the RRG and captive insurance industry

Risk Retention Industry News Digest (RRIND) Electronic License

An Electronic License to the Risk Retention Industry News Digest provides:

  • Monthly email delivery of a .PDF file of the RRIND edition customized with the organization’s logo to the licensed user’s desktop.
  • The ability to forward the RRIND to the organizations’ Members and Board Members.

An Electronic License to the Risk Retention Industry News Digest prohibits:

Re-distribution to anyone other than the organizations’ Members and Board Members, whether by:

  • Forwarding via email
  • Posting to an intranet or the Internet
  • Or by other means, either in whole or in part.

Violation of the terms of your license can lead to penalties under United States copyright law of up to $150,000 per edition infringed. To obtain amendments to your license, please contact the publisher in advance at 626.796.4972 or email [email protected]