Risk Retention Group Directory & Guide 2024 (Renewal)

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Updated each June, the Risk Retention Group Directory & Guide 2021 is a comprehensive source of information on RRGs and the risk retention industry.

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  • Profiles of all active RRGs with comprehensive insurance coverages, service providers and financial information (see sample)
  • Service Provider Directory
  • RRG Survey of State Regulation
  • Rankings of risk retention groups by premium, surplus, and assets.


  • Access comprehensive, well-organized information quickly in hard copy or on your computer
  • Gain a complete picture of each RRG as well as other RRGs in the business sectors
  • Access succinct, multi-year financial information indicating key trends in the RRG’s performance
  • Learn which RRGs are using which captive managers, service providers and reinsurers
  • Identify RRG options for your clients
  • Benchmark your RRG against others in its industry sector

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