Purchasing Group Users’ Handbook (Renewal)

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The Purchasing Group Users’ Handbook is the complete manual for registration of purchasing groups in compliance with the Liability Risk Retention Act.

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The reduced renewal prices are available only for the publication(s) to which a customer has previously subscribed, and whose subscription ran out within the past six months or less.

Annual subscription; includes 3 quarterly updates


  • Fully linked and searchable PDF (Electronic License Information provided below)
  • Binder and tabs for organizing content, which you can print


  • All purchasing group registration forms (NAIC and state)
  • Registration requirements for each state
  • Requirements for agents and brokers
  • Requirements for purchasing group insurers
  • Premium tax requirements — state-by-state
  • Selected state bulletins, orders and letters
  • A “Be Sure to Include Checklist” for each state
  • Citations on applicable state law and regulations
  • Full text of 1986 Liability Risk Retention Act
  • Purchasing group contacts in state insurance departments
  • Comprehensive state-by-state survey of regulation
  • Fully linked and searchable PDF


  • All you need to start your PG and to run it
  • Easy to use with rapid access to information you need — organized by state
  • Minimize regulatory compliance costs
  • Regularly updated to ensure information is current
  • Indispensable for anyone involved with regulatory compliance

Purchasing Group Users’ Handbook (PGUH) Electronic License

This is a brief summary of our standard subscription license. Please refer to the license itself for all terms and conditions. In the event of a conflict, the license controls.

An Electronic License to the Purchasing Group Users’ Handbook provides:

  • Delivery, by mail, of a single-site, multi-user license CD-ROM (annual subscription includes quarterly updates).
  • The ability to install the Software on a single network at a single site of the Licensed Enterprise.
  • The ability to reproduce forms in the PGUH for the sole purpose of registering purchasing groups pursuant to state and federal requirements.
  • The ability to copy small portions of the PGUH into computer files to use by employees at a single licensed site.
  • The ability to convert and incorporate small portions of the PGUH into documents intended for limited distribution (such as letters, legal briefs, or insurance proposals). However, proper attribution must always be given to the Risk Retention Reporter as copyright owner on or within such files and documents.

An Electronic License to the Purchasing Group Users’ Handbook prohibits:

  • Installation of the Software on a network at any other site or making the Software available on a wide area network.
  • Providing access to the PGUH to third parties or unlicensed sites.
  • Resale of the PGUH, either in whole or in part.